Drugs and driving, alcohol, speed … the years when Mr. Pere Navarro has been as head of Traffic undoubtedly go down in history for being where most have been manipulated statistics to convince us all that the absurd measures by the administration, they have been for our sake, and have also worked when both are an absolute lie.


As said Ms. Maria Segue on the radio, 60% of drivers do under the influence of drugs. No doubt this is another of those stupid statistics do not take into account the way to the controls, which are made ​​only in places and times where it is easy to find these types of drivers and also stops those who apparently only driving under the influence of drugs, which, statistics tell us nothing at all. Obviously if when sobriety checkpoints are made ​​are made ​​in parallel the drug, positive for the latter concept would be below 2%.

However these drugs and driving statistics are no more than a story. Where it really deceives us every day is with the statistics of road deaths because they cook at will with meaningless comparisons.

In the comparisons are not taken into account the displacement decreases are accumulating in recent years and that certainly affect a decline in mortality that has nothing to do with other factors such as speed.

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